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Free House Listing is a website designed to offer everyone the chance to save money selling their property online. Whether you’re an estate agent selling multiple properties or an individual looking to sell your own house. With Free House Listing you can do exactly that …list your house for FREE! It’s quick, easy and FREE to register. Simply enter a few details and start listing your property today.

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Latest Properties for Sale or Rent

Below are the some of the latest properties added to Free House Listing. Click to view further information.

Get noticed, with a ‘For Sale’ Sign!

For a small one-off fee of £30, we will provide you with a Free House Listing ‘For Sale’ sign for the outside of your property, ensuring your house is not missed by potential buyers. Simple click the ‘Buy Now’ button below and we will do the rest!

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Why use Free House Listing

Detailed below are just a few features of Free House Listing we feel will ensure you get your listing noticed. Whether you’re an estate agent selling multiple properties or an individual looking to sell your own house, our website is sure to help you sell your property for less!

You know your house better than anyone!

Take and upload up to 10 pictures you feel best promotes your property. Select the best image to be your ‘Featured Property Image’ ensuring this is the first thing a potential buyer sees, when visiting the site or when you share it on social media!


Show your house in the best light

With Free House Listing you can create a brochure straight from your listing! Once you have finished uploading your property, you can simply click the ‘print’ button and our website will create a PDF brochure for you, to share how you like!

Monitor performance

To allow you to keep track of how your property is performing, we have introduced a ‘page view table’ on the property listing page. This records how many people have clicked through to view further details, allowing you to see if you need to make any changes.


Communicate directly and easily

Free House Listing allows you to communicate directly with the buyer and they can communicate directly with you! Using our dedicated messaging feature you can arrange a viewing, or simply ask or answer any questions, ensuring communication is kept clear and simple.

Save thousands on potential Fees

If your an individual, selling your property yourself, you can potentially save thousands of pounds by exchanging solicitors details with the viewer directly and then let your solicitors do the paperwork.